Cloud Solutions will accelerate your processes, increase transparency and improve your business performance. We can provide strategy, design, operational support and innovative solutions that can modernize your legacy infrastructure.



Business run on data, The more value you can derive from the data within your organization, the more successful your organization will be. However, data analytics involves an ever-changing list of tools, and hard-to-find data science talent. SMARRT SOLUTIONS specializes in handling BI Projects for its clients. From tool selection, to data transformation, and reporting - SMARRT SOLUTIONS data analytics projects end-to-end.


The blockchain technology is being actively adopted by finance, retail, insurance, and other industries as it helps to achieve well-established workflows through simplifying record/identity management, transaction processing, goods provenance and traceability. By excluding an intermediary, the technology also allows for minimizing or eliminating the counterparty risks, as well as reducing overhead costs, transaction time, and the related fees.


We can offer a selection of the necessary tools, POC, POV, Consulting, Solution, and Training. 


More than three quarters of business leaders say their current ERP system doesn't meet their requirements, these systems lack modern best-practice capabilities, needed to compete and grow. To enable today's data-driven organization, the very foundation from which you are operating needs to be re-established; it needs to be "modernized".


Let SMARRT SOLUTION assist in this "modernization". To that end, we've crafted our "Digital Transformation" organization. SMARRT SOLUTIONS can help with complete projects, ERP selection, Project cutouts, Staff Augmentation and implementation.


The world was changed with the launch of the iPhone about a decade ago. Today, every business has to take into account how its employees, partners, and customers use mobile devices to access information. In the race to embrace mobile, early adopters reap the benefits, while laggards miss the opportunity and become irrelevant. SMARRT SOLUTIONS can help modernize your applications and business strategy with a mobile-first approach that's future proof.


Could Solutions will accelerate your processes, increase transparency and improve your business performance. We can provide strategy, design, operational support and innovative solutions that can modernize your legacy infrastructure into SMARRT Cloud. We will help you choose the best cloud technologies and map out a strategy for your business that will accelerate the journey to the cloud, transform IT and reduce operational costs.


We specialize hard to find consultants who will be the right match for the right opportunity. Our retention rate is >95% which is industry Best. We treat our employees as a family and in-turn they keep our clients happy. our unique client benchmarking process is always a step ahead with our competitors. This helps us to provide prompt, responsive delivery, high fill rates, and high stability and retention rate services level to our clients.


Provide tailored human capital solutions organized by practices specializing in key technology areas. Flexible in the way we do business by time and material, fixed fee or bid, performance contract, for both projects and resources for both consultants, direct hire or executive search.




SMARRT SOLUTION is leading IT consulting company branched out of MNC company with more than 15 years of experience in consulting, technology and innovation. We have 2 established centers in Vijayawada and Hyderabad. We are fast moving IT company providing Cloud Solutions, ERP Solutions, and Business Consulting Services.


With a balanced view of strategy, framework, people, process and technology, we work with companies to understand their unique business needs and to develop and implement practical business strategies and technology solutions. In spite of not being a 500-plus person shop, we can still be much more personal and hands-on with our clients. SMARRT SOLUTIONS have extensive experience in services Finance, Automobiles, Energy & Utility, Healthcare, Retail, and Logistics.


We take being your trusted lifecycle partner seriously. Our number one goal is to provide the expertise and support, when and where needed, to allow you and your team to focus on what matters most growing your business.

We’re fortunate to have built many trusted relationships with a wide variety of clients and continue to support them through many transitions and transactions.


Technology drives innovation. We think of ourselves as a strategic partner first and technology experts second. We only succeed when our clients succeed, which is why our driving force, every day, is helping you solve your biggest business challenges.  With expertise spanning industries, disciplines and a wide variety of cloud-based technology, our team is ready to help you transform your organization.



Sudheer Inampudi

Founder & CEO

Head of Analytics

Jie Ming

Head of Blockchain


Mike Parker

Head of Mobility

Dharani Devarapalli

Head of Business Development

Subra Sankaran

Head of Cloud Migration

Lokesh Naidu

Head of Marketing






Tel: +91 99897 40129
Vishnu Priya Heights
KVR Colony, Enikepadu,
Vijayawada 521108

Tel: +91 99897 40129

Vishnu Priya Heights

KVR Colony, Enikepadu

Vijayawada 521108

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